Tuesday, December 16, 2008

He Is An Iraqi Citizen

The day before yesterday I was at the theater watching a play with my friend. The director and the actors and I were having a chat before they start the showing. All the Sudden, the director smiled as she looked at the screen of her phone. She received a text message announcing that there is "good news" of an Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes at President.

Everybody was astonished and couldn't wait to watch the footage that they began making jokes about it right in that play showing.
After two hours I return to the area I live. Many Iraqi shops are run by people I know. They invited me and every Iraqi passer by to come to the shop to watch the shoes being thrown at Bush. When one of the five people in that shop shouted in denial of a journalist behaving like that, everybody else told him the journalist was an Iraqi citizen before anything else. It might have been hard for him to be an objective journalist.
I left everybody arguing and went to the internet cafe to watch the footage quietly. I sat there watch it over and over again, and laughed.
Today everybody I know called me to ask if I saw Muntathar Al-zidy, the Journalist and his moment of fame throwing his shoes at Bush.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Noor Hassan

My dream is to be a designer. I also love drawing.

However, I couldn't continue my studies for I had to leave my school and home 3 years ago. And when I came to Syria with my family, we just escaped the danger and I didn't bring my school paperwork from my school in Baghdad. But I will continue drawing.

I want send a message to all girls around the world to tell them that whatever happens, we should continue, and we should help each other in times of crises.