Monday, July 7, 2008


My name is Mustafa Mayaz Bassim. I am a 9 years Iraqi lived in Diyala city north of Baghdad. Now I live in Damascus, Syria. I was in fourth grades before I left Iraq.

When the U.S. troops killed my cousin and bombed my school, when I saw the helicopters flying over our house and bombing other houses, and when my uncle was kidnapped in Baghdad, my family decided we didn't want to stay there anymore.

I saw many insurgents attacking U.S. troops. As they attacked the insurgents back, I saw many dead bodies in the streets and thrown in trash. They raided my house many times looking for those insurgents. The scariest scene was when, in the down, I saw a dead body in my grandpa house then when the U.S. troops came to the house looking for it, they thought it belonged to us. Then they bombed the house next to ours. I was very scared.

I like sports and my wish is to be a doctor. I like to go back to my school yet I am afraid of the Americans. I would love to have friends from Syria the same way I had many friends in Iraq.

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