Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Test!

So, I needed to find out if my efforts teaching the Iraqi refugee kids how to use computers are fruitful. I sat up an examination for them.

Last week, I had the first test and it went very well. The "students" were very excited to compete with each other for higher grades. One of the kids actually cried when she got 8/10. When I saw that, I thought about how much these kids care about studying and learning even when they are this traumatized!

As I asked questions and got the right answers, I felt pleasure that I am doing the right thing although with many difficulties. I mean, considering the fact that I have no single chair, not enough computers or a blackboard, this is an achievement.

However, a few weeks ago, I went to one of the Syrian educational institutes and asked them if they have anything to help with. Eventually, they donated a few computer handouts, which were really helpful. So, things are not too bad at the end.


Ahmed Makiya said...

I'm truly happy to hear that there are still some hope in Iraqis to learn and be well educated just like the other nationalities in the world , but still there is a lot to be done in the education field and upgrading the teenage and youth mentality , this way the world can embrace Iraqis and treat them like the others .

It's this 16 hours that we have every day, this 16 is the real TEST and which make the difference between highly educated people and others who are poorly educated , how we spend our time it is the decisive between any individual and the other , not the religion not the nationality, it's how you use your time !

I get sad whenever I see or hear Iraqi who say "I don't know how to use the PC or browsing web ?!", the reason is that I don't want HiM/Her to get left behind ,especially we live in the globalization era , where every thing is computerized .

Let's make the year 2009 the year of Hope and educational achievements .

Helen said...

To all the 'students':

Well done for completing the test! I am glad you have all been studying hard :-)

Love, Helen x

Uhoud said...

Good work Feras .. Iraqi's suffered so much espacially Iraqi children they need nation care and special care espacially health care and education care.