Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Art Opening

From across the ocean,

I send my gratitudeFrom Noor Hassan, the Iraqi nationless girl. Warm regards to all of those who are looking at my paintings and helping me cross my first steps to accomplish my first dream, the dream that will be accomplished in the art-curator land: America.I can't express to you my happiness knowing that my paintings were going to be shown in the cosmopolitan land. I am thrilled to be able to finally express, through my moderate paintings, the stories of a war-torn country that turned to be so fragile.

In my paintings, I show the sorrow of gestures and movements in the middle of stark wave and thoughts that can grow and succeed in spite of all the pain. I feel I am like you in the sense that we share humanity. We share a common space, air and sky. We share one world.

I am excited to overcome fear and silence, and to start painting again. I thank you from my heart, I will always thank you when Baghdad- the big heart- is protected better and I can go back to accomplish more of my dream. You gave me a sense of something that is so beautiful and unique.

All the respect,
Noor Hassan, 17 years-old
Damascus, Syria

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