Sunday, July 12, 2009


This story, acted by 5th graders at the Ross School, is the product of a collaborative effort between Ross 5th graders and NWN students in Syria.


Jactive said...

This short script acted out by the students of Ross School on Long Island was very endearing and heart warming, if perhaps a somewhat idealized version of reality.
I certainly enjoyed watching it and appreciated the time and energy put into creating the video, by the Iraqi children in Syria and also the American children.
My sincere thanks to Firas and all those who made this possible.

Rahman said...

Dear all,
I'm very happy and exited to see these wonderful kids in this movie. it gives me the sence of how close their heart toward their friends, the iraqis. My name is Rahman Al kaabi and i'm very glad to friend of you guys. i ecialty have known Firas pretty well. We had agreat well done work together when we were in Syria. I live in California right now, studying drama and chidren theatre at MPC. I really want to do somthing while i'm here.

Also, i'm performing/ intertaning the children and teaching the children the clowns art, mime and other hand-work.

If you need any help in any thing, please don't hesitate to call me.

I can be reached at 831 747-4613
E mail

Firas i want to you to send me your e mail, or e mail me. i want to talk with you.

All the best,
Smile gets back to the children