Monday, January 14, 2008

How I said goodbye

We read and write about families disassembly , but we can't imagine how or why it happens. I'm talking about Iraqi culture, I don't know if that happens in other cultures or not?

A lot of Iraqis including myself, used to have dinner with our families and talk about what happens to each other's day. When I talked, my family would start laughing, because I have a good sense of humor especially when it comes to my family.

Now I can't do that anymore because I'm displaced from my home and have to face my dark destiny under the hostility of being a refugee. My family is pleased that I am out of Iraq even though I am not happy here. They are just happy to know that I won't face the destiny of my lost uncle who became a victim of sectarian conflict, where he was killed in an awful way and his body has been chucked in the swamp and nobody found his body for eight months. One day his family found the picture of his dead body in a hospital,

It isn't the end of the tragedy, I lost my cousin too, it was at noon when his family were gathering for lunch, his kids, wife, and a guest (his mother), suddenly a knock on the door is heard, the mother says "I will open the door", when she opened it, she saw a militia men, they told her "we want to talk with your son and don't worry it's just one hour of investigation and he will come back to you", she starts crying and begging, even kissed their feet. She's an 80 years old lady. They start kicking her, when her son saw that he could not hold himself and he hurries out shouting "here I'm, do not hurt my mom", they handcuffs him and shovel him in the trunk of their car. One hour later, the family was informed that their householder's body was found dumped in the garbage. These and many other families are being forced to dissemble. They were just forced to the same way I am forced to leave my family, home and life.

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morelD said...

i CAN'T BELIEVE SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED TO YOUR FAMILY.I'm sorry about your uncle and cousin.I wish I could do something about this war.