Saturday, January 12, 2008

Price of the freedom

This picture shows my brother-in-law; Riadh who told me about "freedom". He told me that we can't get freedom easily, that it need a lot of time maybe a very long time, he told me about the people of Iraq who were killed every day without any reason. He said that they are the price of the freedom and he assured me that one day this killing will stop.

He is optimistic as you can see in the picture while he vote to what he wanted in the elections in 2005, he appears happy. It's a new thing to the Iraqi people to feel the "democracy".

He sent me a message saying (happy New Year) a day before the New Year.

On January 1st 2008, Riadh was at a funeral ceremony of one of his friends when a suicider with an explosive belt exploded himself in the crowd 15 minutes after Riadh's arrival.

Riadh is not going to see the freedom he told me about. He became the price of that freedom.

I want you all to tell me now, how much is price of freedom?... Who is selling it? Are we obliged to buy it?

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