Sunday, April 6, 2008

Five years now... Iraqi Artists in Exile

Under the title "Five years now... Iraqi Artists in Exile" the French Cultural Center with cooperation with Unites Nations High Commissioner for Refugees sponsored an event marking the fifth anniversary for the occupation of Iraq. Iraqi Artists carried out the event and perform music and clown shows. From my side, I was able to coordinate with one of the volunteers at the center and reserve seats for Nativewithoutanation kids.

The event was of two parts; one in the morning for kids where Iraqi clowns drew a smile on the children faces. The one in the afternoon was for adults. I was able to get the youth to get into that too. Iraqi musicians and singers from all parts of Iraq played very nice Iraqi music. It was a very nice day.
The event took place on April 4th

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Sylvia said...

Hello, all my dear young friends,

It's so lovely to see your pictures on this website. Even if the occasion is sad, I hope that all of you managed to have some fun. I pray that you will all be able to go back home soon, to a safe and peaceful Iraq.

Take care and God bless.