Saturday, April 5, 2008

Questions from Dorie Miller Academy's students, via Email contact with Firas

US students: Do you hate Americans?

Iraqi students: We don't like the American Army because before they came to Iraq, we never felt scared to go schools and we lived in our country and homes.

US students: Was Saddam a great leader in Iraq?

Iraqi students: We can't say that Saddam Hussein was good, but we know that we never faced terrorism in Iraq, or saw dead bodies in our streets.

US students: How do you feel about having to leave your home country?

Iraqi students: We feel we are not vital, not alive. We wish to go back to our beloved

Homes, Persona things, schools, teachers and friends, as soon as possible

US students: Do you like where you live now?

Iraqi students: We like to live and go to school in our home country more. We are here because we have no other option not because we like it.

US students: Do you think this war will end?

Iraqi students: Of course this war will end. It is just we don't know when.

US students: If the war does end, will you go back to Iraq?

Iraqi students: It is out parents who can decide if we should go back to Iraq. If we ran out of our savings, of course we will go back.

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