Saturday, March 29, 2008


Laith is one of the Iraqis involved in my group at nativewiothoutanation. He and his family have returned back to Iraq last week after they run out of their savings. It was also hard for him to see his father, who has a good job at the Ministry of Finance, washing dishes in a restaurant in Syria. Laith told me that his father gathered them all and said "My and your future is vague, we can't continue like this". Laith and his family are back in Iraq. Let's all pray for them to stay safe.


trell said...

what part you live in down there what is the name of your school my name is catrell jordan I live in Chicago IL.

ragene said...

wats good n wats u on.and my nameis ragene hancock.

morelD said...

I'm so sorry,I hope you stay very safe.I'm sorry that my country is putting up such a war, for something stupid like oil for cars.By the way my name is morel dreanna anderson

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Stephany Ernest and I am a student at Fredrick Douglasss Academy in Harlem,New York. I am 11 and i am in the sixth grade.I am a Girl.

I was Wondering how your life has been since you went back to i raq. I hope your well and write back and take care.


Stephany D. Ernest

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is India Waiters.I am 11 years old in the 6th grade. I go to Frederick Douglass Aacademy.I wish you and your family luck to be safe.