Thursday, March 6, 2008


My name is Muhimen K. Muhsin. I am 23 years old, and a student at the College of Fine Arts, Department of Visuals and Auditoriums. I was in my second year when we decided to leave Iraq. My family and I left in 2006 due to the deteriorated security situation, especially after I worked with the media as an editor to one of the TV satellite channels in Baghdad. I was working while studying. The threats I received while working for that satellite channel was the main reason why I left Iraq.

That type of work has been my ambition for a long time. My devotion and love for my work came from my father, who is a well-known actor back in my home.

My dream has always been to become a professional journalist but because I am not either allowed to study or work in Syria, my dream is on hold. I am not giving up though. I am waiting for the first opportunity to continue my studies. Right now, and since I have a lot of time on hand, I have been trying to teach myself more English through reading English books.

Otherwise, I like to listen to soft, classical music.

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