Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ameer, 11

My name is Ameer Mohamed and I am 11 years old. I am in 7th grade. We came to Syria in 2006 because of the security situation. My father was kidnapped by an armed group. He was released after we paid the ransom. Now it is only me and my father who live in Syria. My mother and sisters are still in Iraq. They stay at home all the time. And my sisters don't go to school.

The one scene I will never forget is when three bombs exploded near my school. I remember the sounds of the explosions were very loud and I remember how the windows in my classroom all were destroyed. I remember very well how my father was carrying me and running through thr streets trying to get me out of the danger when the Iraqi soldiers started, after the explosion, started to randomly shooting.

I like to make new friends. It is harsh on me remembering my friend and colleague who sat next to me in school and who was run over by an unknown. My wish is to have a safer Iraq and for me to go back to Iraq.

My hobby is playing soccer and I hope to be a well-known Iraqi soccer player.


Anonymous said...

hi ameer i am max i love playing soccer to i also play baseball and lacrose

Anonymous said...

hi it's max again i forgot to mencion i'm from the ross school