Sunday, May 11, 2008

Statistics on Iraqi refugees

You can download the United Nations' most recent report by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Zahra

Hi this is alex from the ross school we are going to talk with you tomarrow.I am in the fith grade.what sports do you like to play.I am sorry that you had to leave afganistan because of the war.

Take care,

Your friend alex

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

hi!!!! :) me and my fifth grade class are going to talk to you tommorow!! we are all so exited!! what kinds of sports do you like??? what kinds of games do you like to play in damascus. we play fun games here like tag and hide and seek. well we cant wait to talk to you tomorrow! :)

Byby!!! see you tomorrow (on video chat... but still see you tomorrow!)

Native without a Nation said...

Hi Alex,we are frome Iraq not AFGHANISTAN !!