Monday, August 11, 2008

Allen L

Hi all,

I'm Allen L. Isaac, 21 years old. I graduated from high school, scientific branch. Then I studied Management and Economics in Mosul city north of Iraq. Due to the increase of the terrorist groups and threats against the innocent, my father taught in a church in Mosul city. One day he was threatened to to be killed is he didn't leave the church. Notifying the police, my old sister was kidnapped and we were asked to pay a ransom for her release. We asked my uncle to go and pay it. After he paid the ransom the police found him killed.

I just can't forget what happened to my uncle; unforgettable scene. My sister will never have a good future after being kidnapped. Although now she is released, it is still a stigma that she was kidnapped. We have an unknown future after I left school and came with my family to Syria

Here in Syria I was hoping to complete my study but I was shocked when I tried to apply in Damascus College as it costs a lot of money and my financial situation is not good. My parents are not in a position to manage to lend me the money. Thus, we have lost hope to pursue and finish our university studies.

However my childhood memories are still in Iraq so I am still hoping to serve my country after I finish my study and go back to my homeland.

I am very much into new technologies. I also I like reading E books especially history books, and listening to Brayan Adams and others' rock music.

God Bless You

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