Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asmaa Ali, 11

My idea of life is a very simple life. Not complicated.

First, I want to study.

Second, I want to draw.

Third, I like to make necklaces.

Fourth, I want to be successful in my life for me and my family, exactly like a normal family.

We are without a nation. When will we not live in a strange country? When will we have a home? I am without safety. I am unable to study. My wish is to be successful despite the difficult situation now. We are refugees. If that is OK with you, don't even ask me about it.

My hobbies are drawing and making girls accessories like beaded necklaces.

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Kendall Scala said...

Hi my name is Kendall. How is life in Syria? Do you go to school still, if you do what is it like? Hope to talk to you soon.