Sunday, November 30, 2008

Who will put a smile on their faces?

Sometimes, my family and friends ask me why I do what I do. My answer is that the smile on kids' faces is valueless.

Last week, I started a new class of 8 students, two sessions a week. In the past I couldn't do this alone. But now there's an English woman volunteering with me to teach Iraqi kids. She was excited to meet with the students. On that day, she was waiting for me outside while it was raining heavily. Her clothes were all wet and she was using a scarf as an umbrella. Helen, whose last name shall remain anonymous, came with me and met the eight students as well as their families as we discussed with the kids the subjects they want to learn.

My students enjoyed meeting Helen, the new teacher, very much. She made them feel there are people who care about them.


abman said...

Good job , I'm happy to hear that you and Ms.Helen are tying your best to educate Iraqi refugees .

Lisa said...

dear firas,indeed, good job! my name is lisa and i am currently working on a documentary about iraqi refugees here in damascus. i would be very happy to get to know you and your project more and i would kindly ask you to get in contact with me! ( u very much in advance, l.