Wednesday, April 15, 2009


“Capoeira?!! What does that mean?" Huseen said, before I brought my students and other Iraqi kids to watch it.

On April 10th 2009, a group of dancers from Brazil, Portugal, Germany, and Syria performed the Capoeira dance to the Iraqi refugee and other kids in Damascus. My kids at Nativewithoutanation, not a surprise, had no idea what Capoeira is!

Hussein is one of the 40 other kids I was able to bring to the show. He was very curious. Before we arrived to our destination, he approached me and said “What does Capoeira mean?” It didn’t take that long to explain when the word “dance” was involved.

Upon our arrival, we were taken in a tour to be familiar with this special kind of performance. The kids were also taught how to dance the Capoeira. It was very amusing and joyful to the Iraqi refugees kids.

Two hours after attending the show, everybody took a break and pastry and juice were served, which add more joy to the kids, of course. Then, the Iraqi refugee kids danced the Capoeira with the trainers.

Now Hussein and the others know not only the meaning of the Capoeira dance, but also learned how to dance it.

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