Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Iraq. Iraq. Iraq. All of me, my home and my things are in Iraq. Iraq. Iraq. My friends, my books are in Iraq. My school, my notebooks are in Iraq. Iraq. Iraq. All of them are in Iraq.

Iraq. Iraq. Iraq. I came from Iraq to America because all people kill people and some people wanted to kill us. I couldn’t stay in Iraq. In Iraq they put a bomb in my school and next to my home. So I came from Iraq to America.

My friends are dead I miss them and I cry and cry. All of them are in Iraq. I miss my family in Iraq.

America is fun. You can’t kiss your girlfriend in Iraq. You can only call her that’s all.


Anonymous said...

With all do respect Yousef , stop victimizing yourself , you already know that Iraq now is better hundreds times than before in fact you can find more job opportunities here than in the states due to the economic recession America is living nowadays

Please try to be more optimistic next time if you want to write about Iraq ,people need heroes not victims .

Have a nice day .

Anonymous said...

Dear Yousef - what beautiful writing bringing tears to my eyes. I feel with you and send my love to you and your family. I also disagree with that horrible comment that was posted as it must have come from someone who is not in touch with himself. WE DO NOT NEED HEROES and wars have no heros. Now only love and compassion can heal the pain. And you are not a victim, you are a survivor in touch with your feelings that cross all boundaries and are universal. Peace, Marie

Anonymous said...

No , wars bring heroes with it believe it or not .

And surviving is only a matter of chance , but dealing with the difficulties and challenging the horrific experiences will show and separate the men from the boys .

I think the history will tell who're the real men .

And yes we all know that you can kiss your sweet heart in public in the States , I live here also.


Anonymous said...

We do not need any heros. They belong in fairy-tales.

And what is a "real man" ? A he or a she? He may be suffering from machismo which is also a sickness of war.

Whose history do we refer to? History is written by oppressors also known as "victors."

Peace, M