Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ali Baqir Muhsin, 17

I'm an Iraqi student in the 10th grade, I didn't continue my studies in Baghdad due to the cruel circumstances Iraq faced after the invasion in 2003. Also I've faced threats by the oppressive militias in Baghdad which have bad agendas to our country and don't want to see peace and prosperity in the future of Iraq.

Now I live with my family in Damascus entering our third year in Syria.

However, I started to pursue my dreams and continue my studies as a high school student in Syria this is all to achieve my goals, although, there are a lot of challenges I'm facing here in terms of the education system and regulations.

There are a lot of challenges than what we used to face in Iraq, But I'm determined to not let any thing come in my way to accomplish my goals.

My hobbies are playing football (soccer), listening to music and songs, these made me forget all my worries and pains, thus, those hobbies became a part of my daily routine.

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Anonymous said...

I used to teach tenth grade students. I'm very sorry you have been subjected to such pain. I was very impressed that you sound so determined to hold on to your goals. I think writing can be a wonderful release; keep it up. I wish you well. If you'd like to read my blog go to: http://uupoet.blogspot.com/