Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My name is Zahra Rifaat and I am 12 years old girl. I am in 6th grade. After I and my family were forced to leave my beloved country, we came to live in Syria now. We left because of the worsened security situation in Iraq.

Every time I remembered that group of armed men who came into my school with big frightening guns, I get scared. When one day an explosion happened very close to our house in south of Baghdad took place, we decided it wasn't worth it to stay, and that we should leave. It was 8 months ago. I remember that day very well. I was crying and feeling very sad.

Right now, I am going to school here. And I have new friends but I still can't wait to go back to my home country, to my friends.

What I like? I like making new friends; I love reading and playing soccer. I wish one day I learn how to use a computer and speak English.


Sylvia said...

Dearest Zahra, I am writing to you because you are the youngest in this group, and you are also very cute!

I am a teacher and teach children of your age, and if there is some way I can help you with your English, I would happily do so. I wish you the best of luck in all that you try to do, especially at school. I know the system is different in Syria as compared to Iraq, but I also know that all Iraqi children are brilliant! I love all Iraqi children very much and I am very sorry about what all of you have had to go through.

I don't know how I can talk to you, but you could reply on this site and let me know. I would like that very much.

Take care and lots of love.


The New The Best Just To Impress said...

i feel very bad for you and i hope will fufill your wishes

Editor said...

Hello Zahra-
This is class 601 from Frederick Douglass Academy in New York.
We are all 11 and 12 and in the 6th grade.
What did the armed men do when they came to your school?
How do you feel since you moved to Syria?
Class 601

barbara said...

Hello Zahra, this is Barbara Raeder from the Ross School. My 5th grade class will be reading your blog this week and we look forward to speaking with you on May 14th,

Salam, Barbara

Anonymous said...

Hello Zahra!
I am Ava Andrea.
I go to the ross school and I am in 5th grade.
I am looking forward to Skype you!

Love Ava

Anonymous said...

Hi Zahra,

My name is Nikki Betuel, and I go to the Ross School.I am looking forward to Scype you!

Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Hi Zhara!!!!

My name is Olivia.

How are you.

I am from the ross school.

Good bye!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog and I love to play soccer too!
It is very fun. What position do you play?
I am the goaltender on a team called the wildcats.
Nikki and Olivia (who bloged) are also on my same team!

Anonymous said...

Hello, again,

I heard you play soccer! Ava Andrea (who blogged you as well)and I are on a Soccer team! It is called the Wildcats! Are you part of a team?
What position do you play?

Nikki Betuel

Anonymous said...

I am Ava

Anonymous said...

Hi we are Will And Izzy from the Ross school 5th grade and we feel very bad for you and think the war and in Iraq is very unfair. we hope your life is better now :) See you on the chat tommorrow!

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot...

Olivia(who blogged you too)is also on the Wildcats!!

Nikki B.

Anonymous said...

I am Olivia I am on the soccer team too i play offence and defence.

I would like to meet you.


OLIVIA C. {:-)

Anonymous said...

hello Zhara i am Izzy from the ross school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i am izzy

Anonymous said...

Hi Zahra,
I don't think the war is fair, or right, and that is totally uncalled for. I feel bad for you, and that I would take the American troops out of your home country.

I'm happy that you are now in a safe place, and that you are no longer in danger. I hope that you will soon be able to go back to your home, and see your friends and family again. I wish the best of everything for you.

P.S Do you like soccer. I do.

Harrison Rowen

Native without a Nation said...

I am soory I am late to reply in last time I was very busy because the examination is start , I am glad to say I'm succeed, now I am in the 1th middle school.
thanks for all.


Anonymous said...

hi my name is zahra aswell i hope u enjoy this website:D luv u all

Anonymous said...

dnt worry sweety ur in a safe place now if you ever need anything give me a shout..!!!xxx

Anonymous said...

HaHaHa Trevena Youu Jokarr
N Btw D.w Zahra Your In A Good Community..!

Anonymous said...

trev n zahra in da house!! wooooo luv u all x

Anonymous said...

Hiyaa GawJuss..
Your Well Pwetti..
Pass Your Digits Ovaa.. ;)