Wednesday, February 20, 2008

City College of New York

Students in Damascus and students in Brooklyn chatted for a few minutes today. Here's some of what they said.

BROOKLYN: Hi. My name is Andrea. My classmates are standing beside me.
The professor has stepped out. We will wait till she comes back
DAMASCUS: nice to meet you Anderea
BKLYN: too bad you can't see us
DMSCS: next time we will i hope
BKLYN: Here are our names... Mayra, Edie, Anita, Nikki, Saidah, Carlette, Ekraam, Shaquan, Juanita, Domingo, Sherriann, Naomi, Clara, and the professor is back.
What are your names?
DMSCS: from right to left Ahmed the translator, Firas the coordinator, Nawar an iraq student
this is me waving Ahmed
BKLYN: we're waving back
DMSCS: nive to meet you all
BKLYN: Nawar, how is your father
DMSCS: Hi my name is Firas Majeed the coordinator of the webcast.
i'm pleased to annonce our first webcast session, i hope both parties will enjoy and benifit from this experience.
this is Firas
beside him is Nawar
ANd this is Alaa
BKLYN: Hi Alaa
Nawar said: he is good
BKLYN: Have you been able to go back to school Alaa?
I'm glad Nawar
Thanks to you he siad
Alaa said : NO , i don't have my high school credentials
BKLYN: What was your education like in Iraq?
DMSCS: he said : i'm willing to risk and go back to iraq to get them
BKLYN: So that means that the education in Iraq was good
DMSCS: i was very good as a student
BKLYN: Do you think the school and the teachers was good
DMSCS: he said : in waht era you mean ?
what *
BKLYN: During the time you were in school, what was the school like?
Is Marwan there?
DMSCS: in both times the education was good , but the security situation is the only challenge we face as students ( Alaa said
wait please we will call him
Marwan has come
this is Marwan
i hope you saw him
BKLYN: Is it safe to go back to school in Iraq? What are the challenges?
Hi Marwan
DMSCS: hi he said
BKLYN: the girls think your cute
DMSCS: he said thanks
BKLYN: great smile
can you guys get to the US
DMSCS: he said : i'm very please talking with you
BKLYN: Do you think a democracy is desirable in Iraq
How are you Samer
if you're there
DMSCS: Democracy is just a head line we see and hear but in fact there is no such thing called democracy in Iraq " he said
BKLYN: Great answer!
that is your reality
DMSCS: Samir will come here in a minute please wait
yes this is our reality
he said
BKLYN: We only see headlines also. Can you tell us what is really going on in Iraq now?
DMSCS: about coming to the states no it's out of question from a lot of iraqis
he said
BKLYN: sorry to hear that
why is it out of the question
DMSCS: this is Smair
BKLYN: Hi Samir
DMSCS: sorry Samir
BKLYN: We're waving back
BKLYN: Are you guys tired?
what does ^^ mean?
DMSCS: no , on the contrary they guys are very excited to talk with you
BKLYN: So are we!
DMSCS: ^^ means a happy face
BKLYN: in that case ^^
DMSCS: Marwan want to ask you a question
BKLYN: Samer we believe you will become a doctor!
you can ask us questions also
What do you think about Americans
DMSCS: Samir said thanks for your hopes about me , but it's easier said than done .
BKLYN: Over here to
You just have to want it
DMSCS: Marwan said " as American , i think they are peacefull people , and they are very educaated and want to live peacefully
BKLYN: that's true for everybody except....BUSH
What was your question Marwan
DMSCS: Marwan question is " do you think after what happened to the iraqi people , and all the "
misery we face is easy to iraqi individual to live in US the country who invade us ?"
is it *
BKLYN: Again, it's Bush, not us. Most American are against the war.
But soon new elections are coming up and change is coming.
DMSCS: Marwan said " what is the image of the iraqis in the eyes of the American people "?
BKLYN: 98% of the students in this class are not American born
so it's a multi cultural school ?
BKLYN: We see that you are suffering, but headlines tell us that we are helping the Iraqis.
All Public school in New York City are multi-culturals
you would fit right in
DMSCS: this is all media talk " Marwan said
BKLYN: In your opinion, what is the purpose of Americans invading Iraq?
DMSCS: Marwan asking " what is your opinion about the iraqs (honestly )
BKLYN: We think you are people just like us who want peace and stability.
DMSCS: the cafe admin came and he said that we have to close the webcast session
we have only five minutes left
BKLYN: Were you in favor of Sadam Hussein before the war?
DMSCS: firas said : this is a pleasure to him " and all the guys here are pleased to do that again
of course you were in favour Marwan said
we were *
this is Ali on the cam now
BKLYN: that's a shocker. we heard so many horrible things
Hi Ali
We know you have to go now, so thank you for your time, and your honesty. Good Bye from BKLYN, NY
DMSCS: we hope next time you guys over there can open your webcams and dedicate more time to discuss alot of things
Salam ^___^
BKLYN: Absolutely, we will be working on that
We're waving good bye also
DMSCS: OK see you we all said that
ok bye

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