Sunday, February 24, 2008

Barazan Sadiq, 15

Barazan is the 7th grade.

"I live with my mother and sister. My father died when I was three years old. I live in Syria for 8 months now. I feel uncomfortable living here. I have no friends or relatives here but that becomes not as important when I think when we will be doing if our savings were done."

"I usually listen to classic music especially when I am frustrated and desperate."

"I wish to have many friends. I like communicating with people through email. I love soccer games."

"I know a little bit of English and I am keen to learn more because I simply live this language."

"Thinking of the time when I almost got kidnapped, and the problems my mother had to bare because of the fact that we are Christians, makes me unwilling to go back to Iraq. Our neighbors trying to force us to convert to Islam is another reason made me resent the Arab world."

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k said...

Hey Barazan,
I think you have a really sad story. Is the grading system in iraq different because i am thirteen and in 8th grade. anyway you can email me at