Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nawar Maan, 17

Nawar was born in the Al-Dora neighborhood of Baghdad. He is the oldest in his family and has a younger brother.

Nawar's father was a merchant in Baghdad. He owned a small market. Nawar’s life was normal during Saddam Hussein’s regime. He successfully finished his 10th grade in Baghdad but was forced to quit after the tenth grade because of the war. His hobbies are very quite simple which is watch soccer games on TV and playing soccer in high school with his colleagues.

He and his father were kidnapped last year by a gang in Baghdad and the family was forced to pay a large ransom. After that, the family left for Syria.

Nawar now supports his family working illegally at a pizza shop in Damascus. The wages are low, and Iraqis have no rights if they are abused by employers.

“I want to be just like any average teenager in the world I want to complete my studies and having a better future that's it,” he says.

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