Saturday, February 16, 2008

Marwan Kareem Muhsin, 18

Marwan, from Baghdad, was in his final year of high school before he had to leave Iraq for Syria. His father is a famous actor in Iraq, which puts his family at risk.

“I know I'm not the only one which is suffering, and there is a fact that there millions in the world who faced what the mind can't believe,” he says. “I'm now with my parents and brother and sisters in Syria like a lot Iraqi families who left their home country facing the unknown.”

“I started to adapt with this new reality being the best solution in my case, starting with continuing my studies in Syrian high schools ,and having a target to get the high school certificate aiming to get the bachelor degree until all my dreams become a reality.”

“The main barrier to my studies here is the education system itself in Syria. The Syrian education system is very different than the Iraqi system, however I decided to overcome those obstacles and achieve my ultimate goals.”

“My favorite sport is body building and my interests are listening to music.”

“I also like to draw a lot because it made me feel better and forget all the anxieties being a part of my everyday life which I'm facing.”

“I want to live my life day by day and not letting the past affect my progress in the future this is my philosophy in life.”

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