Saturday, February 16, 2008

Videoconferencing between Iraqi and American students

Beginning this week, I am helping to link students in the US with students in Iraq by webcam.

The Iraqi students are:

Alaa Ali Hassan, 16
Nawar Maan, 17
Ali Baqir, 17
Marwan Kareem Muhsin, 18
Samer Refaat, 18
Noora Baqir Muhsin, 19

To read more about them, click on their names.

If you would like to help support this project, please click the following link. Costs are about $75 for each session with US students. Donations cover

-transportation for the students ($20)
-time in an internet cafe ($5)
-Ahmed Makkiyah, translator ($25/session)
-myself, for coordination ($20)

The laptop and webcam for this project were generously donated by Civitas, a St. Louis-based NGO that is also helping set up videoconferencing with schools in the St. Louis area.

From L to R: Nawar, Samer and Alaa

Amount raised as of 2/21/08: $60

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