Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Noora Baqir Muhsin, 19

I'm an Iraqi student in my last year in high school (12th grade). Due to the fragile security situation in Baghdad and in Iraq as a whole and the controlling of the different militias in Iraq, me and my family who consist of me and my parents and my brother left Iraq heading to Syria as our only save heaven to live in.

My ambition was to enter college and to continue my study, but this almost became a dream as a lot of Iraqis who can't afford to continue their education outside Iraq, the main reason which made my study in Syria impossible because I can't bring my educational certificates and credentials from Baghdad, returning back to Iraq is out of question nowadays.

My hobbies are: reading books, sports, and interior design and decoration.


Anonymous said...

May Allah guide you through this rough ordeal... Inshallah it will all come to and end and you will succeed and accomplish all you wish. Have Iman (faith) and you have my prayers as well as my families prayers for you, your family and everyone else going through this. Salam

Anonymous said...

Hello Noora I am Ava Andrea in the 5th grade at the ross school.

Love Ava

Anonymous said...

hai nooraa, assalaamu alaikum. . . i'm nooramuhsin frm India. . i just searched for nooramuhsin in google. n happened to read you. . . i'm a graduate student and working in a primary school too. . .any way, i hop all these miseries wl end, and a new sun of peace wl rise in your country. praying for u and your family. .